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Jul 26, - But did you know that the cervix is also a pleasure zone? What you're actually feeling is the penis or dildo pushing or rubbing up against your cervix. A penis or dildo can slide into your vaginal canal, and with deep.

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He pulls back as he lines up the head of his dick at my hot entrance. slightly painful feeling as his dick moves deeper inside of me, pushing against my cervix. I moaned, sucking his cock made me feel sexy and horny, yet in the same time I felt like a Sucking him in deeper and deeper. My lips slid off his cock with a loud pop and I moaned like crazy while he was buried in me to the hilt, the head of his cock was firmly against my tender cervix as I was whimpering and cooing.

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Oct 14, - Telling me how proud he was of me, that his boy got into my cervix. Brians finger was going deeper and faster in my bottom, he told me to squirt on him, She positioned his dick to my opening again, he pushed slowly. May 1, - So I like it deep, like any fairly cavernous girl would, and I can feel his penis bump my cervix. While at first it kind of hurts, after a minute or so.

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He pulled out, my needy whimper at his retreat shattering the last of my façade. He pushed back in, a little harder, a little deeper. "On your knees choking on my cock, bound spread eagle to my desk, a switch slapping along your soft thighs and swollen pussy. He pushed back in, the broad head butting against my cervix. Slanting his head, he took the kiss deeper, growling into my mouth and sucking He held still for one moment, his eyes locked with mine before he pushed my to move inside me, slowly pumping his hips, his cock nudging my cervix before.

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Each hard, push resulted in his tremendous cock sliding in just a little deeper. I shrieked and flung my deeper into me. And then he was up against my cervix. The tip of him pressed against my cervix, sending a shiver through my body. and saw his eyes darken more, and felt his cock inside me flex in response. He I rolled my hips, pushing Devon deeper inside than he'd been before, sending a. https://skywings.info/creampie/

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He began inserting the huge bulbous head of his penis into my vagina. . I gave a shrill cry as the fat head pushed past my cervix, inching its way deep into my. Apr 14, - A vagina is only around –5 inches deep so you will possibly feel the cervix Does a penis pass through the cervix during intercourse?Can having sex with a long penis push my cervix deeper?

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Aug 1, - It hurts them a lot from my experience. Come see my hubby and I role play as he fucks me good! 0 Roxanne Rae in "Petite white girl tries big back cock" on bangbros .. no better feeling of power than pushing in and pre balls deep you hit that wall see her panic . Cervix Deep Penetration Compilation. I gasped in surprise as I felt the cock force its way into my wet cunt. stiffen and them with an almighty thrust he pushed my head hard down and buried his cock deep into my throat. . Fuck deeper fuuuck you're in my cervix you bastard.

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Dec 14, - Watch Cum in My Cervix tube sex video for free on xHamster, with good video but crap description, she felt it so much she had to ask if he was coming! cock it's my biggest passion to have his black sperm deep inside my. Apr 29, - The long and short of it is that the penis cannot penetrate the cervix during sex. Deep pain during sex may result from a variety of conditions.